True? Lies? Tom Arnold Paints Spectacular Schwarzenegger Sex-Drive Picture

It’s the kind of second-hand celebrity quote entertainment editors dream of. This particular one was delivered to UK newspaper The Daily Star by Tom Arnold and as a result, we’re off to The Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and many-more-to-come media outlet races:

“Arnie has a tremendous sex drive. There are women who come over. He is not lonely. He has female companions.”

“He does have a lot of needs and he believes it is all part of the fitness. Five times a day, as he says. It is a good number…”

The Star by the way was taking no chances today with regards to attracting eyeballs to the sensational Schwarzenegger news. The first word in the article headline is “Nookie-mad…

Reading between the lines, we have two thoughts: 1) Arnold’s ideal five-times-a-day number may not be something he hits every day, nor tries to; 2) Perhaps one day soon or not so soon, Schwarzenegger will clarify the way Trudie Styler finally did about those supposed mega-tantric sessions with Sting.

[Photo of Schwarzenegger and James Cameron at 2009 Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony: carrie-nelson/]