Tokbox Launches Video Chat for Facebook IM

Today Tokbox launched a Firefox plugin that enables video chat within Facebook’s IM service. I checked it out an the plugin is pretty slick. You can install the application by checking out the Tokbox plugin page. The application places a link under each of your friends in the Facebook chat application and when you click it a lightbox is displayed as pictured below. This is really slick the way that is displayed directly within the browser.

There are other chat applications that have been launched on the platform but none of them work without navigating to a separate page. This is a great addition and I’m expecting that we’ll see an uptick in Tokbox usage with this new application. If you aren’t familiar with Tokbox, it is a web-based video chat utility. With Tokbox you can quickly create a video conference which is accessible via the click of a single URL.

Not long ago I tested out the Tokbox application. We had over 20 people simultaneously chatting which made for a lot of noise when people weren’t wearing their headphones. While this new add-on is not developed for chat with multiple users, I think it will attract a large number of users. Go check out the new add-on and let us know what your experience is!