Todoist Launches AI-Powered Smart Schedule Feature to Help Users Complete Tasks

The Smart Schedule feature was designed to suggest the right dates for scheduling and rescheduling tasks on a user's to-do list.

Todoist announced the release of an artificial-intelligence-powered Smart Schedule feature in its task-management app, which was designed to suggest the right dates for scheduling and rescheduling tasks on a user’s to-do list.

The Smart Schedule feature can be used to reschedule overdue tasks, as well as reschedule tasks with future due dates.

In terms of overdue tasks, users can tap the “reschedule” button in the app’s Today or 7 Days view to allow the Smart Schedule feature to suggest new due dates for all of their current overdue tasks.

Todoist Smart Schedule Overdue Tasks

Elsewhere, when users swipe to reschedule an individual task on mobile, the Smart Schedule feature will provide them with a recommended due date.

Finally, users can select multiple tasks on their to-do lists and have the Smart Schedule feature recommend a new due date for each item.

The Smart Schedule feature will take multiple factors into account when suggesting due dates for completing tasks.

In a blog post, the Todoist team explained some of these factors:

  • Your habits: Usually catch up on emails on Monday morning? Is Saturday your reading day? Smart Schedule will learn your habits and suggest dates accordingly.
  • Task urgency: Based on anonymous data from across all Todoist users, Smart Schedule estimates the urgency of any given task.
  • Workdays vs. weekends: Smart Schedule learns which types of tasks can be done on weekends, and which should always be scheduled during the week (for example, “Finish draft” or “Check email”).
  • Upcoming tasks: Have a full load for tomorrow but a wide-open Friday? Smart Schedule will try to balance your task load over the next seven days accordingly.
  • Your daily and weekly goals: Todoist lets you set and track goals for the number of tasks you want to complete every day and week. Smart Schedule will recommend due dates to help you meet your specific goals.
  • And more …

When the Smart Schedule feature makes suggestions, users can accept, edit or reject them. Todoist said the Smart Schedule feature will become smarter over time as a user continues to use the app.

Todoist is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Readers: What do you think about Todoist’s Smart Schedule feature?

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