Todd Oldham Takes Old Navy to Court Over License Agreements

In the product design world, big shot, high profile designer Todd Oldham has decided to take on Old Navy, and Gap Inc. by wider extension, for failing to work within the license agreements for items Oldham had created through L-7 Designs, the company at which he is the head of. We’re not entirely sure what’s happened, as we don’t speak legal documentation, but it seems as though Old Navy pushed ahead on a product line using Oldham’s work without renewing a contract, which has resulted in his company pursuing legal action for the first time in twenty years. All very extra awkward since they named Oldham as their creative director back in September of last year. Here’s a bit:

L-7 alleges that Old Navy breached the Creative Services Agreement with L-7 by failing to negotiate the terms of a License Agreement relating to the production of a Todd Oldham line of branded merchandise as announced by Old Navy in September 2007; Old Navy failed to honor terms of a License Agreement as agreed by both parties in February 2009 and wrongfully induced Todd Oldham to enter into both agreements through multiple misrepresentations; and, Old Navy has deliberately and knowingly jeopardized the integrity of the Todd Oldham marks and the reputation of the designer through its actions and wrongfully terminated the Creative Services Agreement on February 20, 2009 on grounds that L-7’s filing of suit against Old Navy constituted a breach of the Agreement and grounds for termination.