TODAY Updates Viewers on Oxford English Dictionary Campaign

At offices in New York and England, the Oxford English Dictionary – OED for all you texting kids out there – is in the midst of the first comprehensive review of its alphabetical contents in a very long time.

The OED has also in recent years, as we all know, thrown its musty doors open to the concept of 21st century English-language words. And so, the gang at the third hour of TODAY is aiming to get their new lingo in there. No, it’s not “Rokeriffic.”

This morning, the show gave viewers an update on Willie Geist and Natalie Morales’ campaign to add a term to describe someone who is “completely lost in a digital device.”

To set the scene in the report above, there’s a throwback clip featuring Katie Couric asking an on-air colleague to “explain what the Internet is.” In this case, nostalgia is everything it used to be.

To help the TODAY-OED cause, please do not email us over the lunch hour this Friday. We’re going to be too busy digin’.