Today’s RSS Leftovers

Here’s what MJD passed on today:
– Condè Nast made some major adjustments to its leadership group today, splitting up the chief executive and president position. Current President and CEO Charles H. Townsend will relinquish the president role to Robert A. Sauerberg. Sauerberg, the company’s president of consumer marketing, will help the magazine organization focus more on consumer sources of revenue as opposed to adverting revenue, according to The New York Times.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is looking for a new editor to run its business section. The paper wants candidates “who have the combined reporting/editing background and expertise to shape and guide sophisticated business coverage for print, online and mobile audiences.” Sounds like a good gig.
– Jake Tapper’s run as host of ABC’s “This Week” ends on Sunday. The White House correspondent was filling in as George Stephanopoulos moved to “Good Morning America” and new host Christiane Amanpour got adjusted to her new surroundings. “There’s a tremendous amount of thought and preparation when it comes to interviews, when it comes to the roundtables, when it comes to booking guests,” Tapper told Politico. “Most of the work is before the show – I think I wasn’t necessarily prepared for that.” Up next for Tapper? Vacation.
– And, finally, a melancholy goodbye to NPR’s Daniel Schorr who died today at the age of 93. A titan in the journalism world, Schorr worked on Edward R. Murrow’s CBS news team back in the 1950s. He continued to produce all the way up to his death, serving as a senior news analyst for NPR and providing commentary for “Weekend Edition” and “All Things Considered.” You can read more about Schorr’s life here.