Today’s RSS Leftovers

Here’s what MJD passed on today:

Forbes wasn’t the only organization that saw a top editor move positions. The New York Daily News editor Martin Dunn has decided to step away from the paper, citing family issues. According to Gawker, his wife has cancer. Journalist Kevin R. Convey will replace Dunn.

– Rich Blake apparently has some beef with his former employer, Trader magazine and its parent company Doubledown Media. Strangely, Blake aired his anger on his new forum, the Reuters blog Hedge World. “Also perplexing, to which anyone who has perused the DD [Doubledown] bankruptcy filing can attest, is the mountain of the debts the company ran up, considering, again, there was no real editorial staff and what freelancers we did use were often were not paid for months or at all.” Whew, that’s not nice.

– Reddit’s desperate plea to readers for funds seems to have worked. It has received money from around 9,000 readers, and, in response, will roll out its subscription model “reddit gold.” The paid service allows readers to use a page sorting tool and opt-out of ads, among other features. The plea just proves, if you ask, you very well could receive.

Playboy Enterprises launched its safe for work site today called The Smoking Jacket. But with features like “How to Get Laid at Work,” you might want to make sure no one is looking over you shoulder, lest s/he gets the wrong idea.