Today’s Must Reads

  • Probe Finds Other DHS Fake Briefings

  • CNBC deal behind Harwood’s WSJ departure

  • You, too, can be a campaign reporter!

  • And Radar’s interview with Ben Bradlee, most notably this gem:

      And what did you know Carl Bernstein as?

      A faineant. A guy who does nothing.

      But also a bit of a debrouillard [someone who can adapt to any situation].
      Yes he was. And he was playing the guitar. Smoking a lot of dope. His talent as a writer was quite obvious. He was a good writer. You couldn’t get him out of the office.

      He had no other life?
      He had no other life. Well, he liked to fuck, I think. But he didn’t have much taste at first.

  • CNN’s John Roberts In Thanksgiving Bike Accident — Saved By Helmet!