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Washington Post: Reading Into Bush’s Book List

Washington Times: EXCLUSIVE: RNC draft rips Bush’s bailouts

Washington Examiner: Obama’s policy crossroad will be on the web

N.Y. Times: Bob Herbert: Add Up the Damage

L.A. Times: Obama the ‘Magic Negro’

USA Today: Fallout begins for retailers after dismal holiday season

Politico: ‘Magic Negro’ flap might help Saltsman

ABC News: Is Oprah’s Golden Touch Tarnished?

CBS News: Santa Slayer Planned More Murders

Fox News: Husband Urges Men Who Slept With His Wife to Get HIV Test

CNN: NASA faults equipment in Columbia shuttle disaster

Wall Street Journal: Hamas Knows One Big Thing

MSNBC: NASA reports new details of Columbia deaths

Congressional Quarterly: Rangel Pays Parking Tickets With Campaign Funds

NPR: Flap Over ‘Magic Negro’ Song Roils RNC

Roll Call: Coleman, Franken Clash Again Over Recount

Bloomberg: October Home Prices in 20 U.S. Metro Areas Fall 18%