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Washington Post: Secret Tapes Helped Build Graft Cases In Illinois

Washington Times: Bush, Cheney comforted troops privately

Washington Examiner: Pull the Plug on Newsweek

N.Y. Times: Hiring Window Is Open at the Foreign Service

L.A. Times: How Jewish is Hollywood?

USA Today: Investigators probe Denver runway crash

Politico: The top ten media blunders of 2008

ABC News: Woman Sued for Rescue Effort in Car Crash

CBS News: Schwarzenegger’s Green Challenge

Fox News: Amy Winehouse Spotted Looking Healthy While Topless in Caribbean

CNN: Source: Landing gear, wheels, brakes possible cause of crash

Wall Street Journal: Developers Ask U.S. for Bailout

MSNBC:’s happiest stories of 2008

Congressional Quarterly: CQ Transcript: Vice President Cheney Interviewed on Fox News Sunday

NPR: Survey Reports Scientists ‘Suspicious’ Of FBI

Roll Call: GOP Leaders Name 10 Members to Earmark Panel

Bloomberg: TED Spread Narrows to Least Since Lehman on Rates, Cash Flood