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Washington Post: White House Says Detroit Bailout Deal ‘Very Likely’ Today

Washington Times: Decision on Obama citizenship pending

Washington Examiner: Officials rebuff Mormons’ discrimination claim over planned church

N.Y. Times: Your Money: It May Be Time to Think About Buying a House

L.A. Times: Paul Volcker is back, and he warns of tough times ahead

USA Today: For Goldmans, Simpson verdict long overdue

Politico: Liberals voice concerns about Obama

ABC News: The Most Stolen Cars in the U.S.

CBS News: Illinois Workers Continue Sit-In Protest

Fox News: ‘Hero Dog’ Pulls Injured Friend From Oncoming Traffic

CNN: Illinois governor backs workers, will halt business with lender

Wall Street Journal: Thain Spars With Board Over Bonus at Merrill

MSNBC: Auto deal likely Monday with new autos ‘czar’

Congressional Quarterly: GOP Has a More Level Playing Field in 2010 Senate Races “Filibuster-Proof?”

NPR: Dogs Understand Fairness, Get Jealous, Study Finds

Roll Call: Democrats Win Pryce Seat in Ohio

Bloomberg: Cheapest Stocks Since 1995 Show Cash Exceeds Market