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Washington Post: Obama Team Springs Leaks

Washington Times: EXCLUSIVE: Obama to delay repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

Washington Examiner: Two brothers, third man die of stab wounds following altercation in home

N.Y. Times: David Brooks: The Insider’s Crusade

L.A. Times: ‘Giving Thanks’

USA Today: Some parts of U.S. escape housing mess

Politico: Attorney general collapses

ABC News: Florida Teen Live-Streams His Suicide Online

CBS News: Palin Interviewed As Turkeys Killed

Fox News: Dr Pepper to Deliver On Its Free-Soda Promise

CNN: Analysts: Bush, Obama not taking lead in righting economy

Wall Street Journal: Citi Weighs Options, Including Firm’s Sale

MSNBC: GM to return two leased jets amid criticism

Congressional Quarterly: Boehner Wins Second Term as House GOP Leader

NPR: Analysts: By 2025, U.S. Won’t Be Top World Power

Roll Call: McCotter Comes to Dingell’s Defense

Bloomberg: Citigroup’s Pandit Doesn’t Plan to Break Up Company