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Washington Post: Administration Moves to Protect Key Appointees

Washington Examiner: Metro mechanic fired for telling dirty jokes

N.Y. Times: Big City: 12-Year-Old’s a Food Critic, and the Chef Loves It

L.A. Times: CSU may cut future enrollment by 10,000

USA Today: NFL admits mistake in Steelers game; error costly to gamblers

Politico: Cabinet post for Clinton roils Obamaland

ABC News: Clinton’s Sec. of State Chances Improving

CBS News: Obama On Economic Crisis, Transition

Fox News: Oregon Woman Loses $400,000 to Nigerian E-Mail Scam

CNN: As children starve, world struggles for solution

Wall Street Journal: SEC Calls Foul on Cuban, Alleges Insider Trades

MSNBC: Obama vows quick action to curb warming

Congressional Quarterly: Alaska Counts More Ballots, Convicted Sen. Stevens Falls Further Behind

NPR: Annie Leibovitz: The View From Behind The Lens

Roll Call: Franken Camp Wants State to Delay Vote Certification

Bloomberg: Paulson, Democrats Clash on Bailout for Homeowners