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Washington Post: A Butler Well Served by This Election

Washington Examiner: Emanuel Will be Wall Street’s Man in the Obama White House

N.Y. Times: Judith Warner: Tears to Remember

L.A. Times: Prop. 8 protesters target Mormon temple in Westwood

USA Today: Eagles’ Baskett to marry ex-Hefner girlfriend Wilkinson

Politico: Palin’s tricky path back

ABC News: Palin Aide Fires Back at Reported McCain Camp Slams

CBS News: Following The Trail Of Toxic E-Waste

Fox News: Jury Recommends Death of Former Child Actor Convicted in Yacht Killings

CNN: Obama: ‘We have to act swiftly’ on economy

Wall Street Journal: Emanuel Criticized as Partisan Voice

MSNBC: Makeover! ‘What happened to grandma?’

Congressional Quarterly: Dems Gain in Oregon Senate Race, Three Other Races Unresolved

NPR: Obama Urges Swift Action To Stem Financial Crisis

Roll Call: Up Next: Sen. Byrd’s Gavel?