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Washington Post: Call Him John the Careless

Washington Examiner: Nearly a dozen area cops enter online ‘Finest Ms. Officer’ contest

N.Y. Times: Roger Cohen: American Stories

L.A. Times: Fitness buffs fight back after being muscled out of Santa Monica neighborhood

USA Today: Presidential poll tracker

Politico: McCain camp trying to scapegoat Palin

ABC News: Report Card: Did Obama’s Primetime Pitch Make the Grade?

CBS News: Reality Check: The Cost Of Obama’s Pledges

Fox News: Police: Husband of Murdered Long Island Teacher Choked Her to Death, Staged Broken-Down Car Scene

CNN: Gun found during probe of Hudson killings

Wall Street Journal: Opinion: Fouad Ajami: Obama and the Politics of Crowds

MSNBC: Momma bear retrieves dead cub hit by car

Congressional Quarterly: A Few Congressional Races Could Tell a Lot About the GOP

NPR: Nigella Lawson: Dishes For Fall, Quick And Tasty

Roll Call: Heard on the Hill: He Could … Go … All … The … Way

Bloomberg: Wall Street Won’t Surrender on Bonuses, Veterans Say

U.S News & World Report: Would Obama, Dems Kill 401(k) Plans?