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Washington Examiner: The coming cataclysm: election by litigation

N.Y. Times: A Rise in Kidney Stones Is Seen in U.S. Children

L.A. Times: 2 men arrested in alleged assassination plot aimed at Barack Obama

USA Today: Body found in SUV identified as Hudson’s nephew

Politico: Why McCain is getting hosed in the press

ABC News: Obama Surge Confounds Gay Marriage

CBS News: Who’s Really Backing Barack Obama?

Fox News: Police: 14-Year-Old South Carolina Boy Killed Pregnant Mom, Unborn Sister

CNN: News anchor on Biden interview: ‘I’m a journalist’

Wall Street Journal: Obama’s ‘Redistribution’ Constitution

MSNBC: Could Obama win vote but lose election?

Congressional Quarterly: Does Stevens Still Get Paid? CQ’s Q-and-A on Senator’s Corruption Conviction

NPR: Editorial Cartoonists Review Election ’08

Roll Call: Dean: One-Party Rule Would Rule

Bloomberg: Morgan Stanley, Goldman Plummet Amid Volkswagen Talk