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Washington Post: Safety in Numbers? Poll-Driven Press Goes Out on a Limb

Washington Examiner: Yeas & Nays: Pelosi: 100% Barack’s gonna win

N.Y. Times: The Real Plumbers of Ohio

L.A. Times: Barack Obama for president

USA Today: GM-Chrysler push for quick deal

Politico: Powell endorses Obama

ABC News: More Challenges for McCain, From Ayers to the Palin Pick

CBS News: Under New Ownership: Bank Of America

CNN: Analysts: Powell endorsement more a rejection of GOP, McCain

Wall Street Journal: Get Rid of the Performance Review!

MSNBC: Teen who survived bear attack: ‘Mostly it was scared’

Roll Call: NRSC, Vitter Deny Report That Senator Influenced Committee’s Decision on Louisiana Expenditures