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Washington Post: Barack Obama for President

Washington Examiner: NCLB And The Tyranny of Grades

N.Y. Times: Op-Ed Contributor: Buy American. I Am.

L.A. Times: Altered Obama photo in GOP club newsletter sparks outrage

USA Today: Inventor Michelson offers $75M for a way to sterilize pets

Politico: McCain’s plumber no ordinary Joe

ABC News: EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Life of Middle East’s Slain Pop Princess

CBS News: Joe The Plumber: Social Security Is A ‘Joke’ And Liberal Conspiracy Theories

Fox News: Sex Offenders’ Homes to Be Marked With Pumpkin Symbol

CNN: Math mistake sees hundreds of teachers laid off

Wall Street Journal: A Liberal Supermajority

MSNBC: Bug from Borneo is the world’s longest

Congressional Quarterly: Trader Drove Up Price of McCain ‘Stock’ in Online Market

NPR: From The Iraq War, A Troubled Romance In America

Roll Call: Stevens Denies Scheme to Conceal Gifts