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Washington Times: EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi paid husband with PAC funds

Washington Examiner: In Search of a Grading Formula

N.Y. Times: Thomas L. Friedman: Rescue the Rescue

L.A. Times: Underestimate Palin at your own risk, former rivals say

USA Today: ‘The wrong guy:’ Davis fires Kiffin, calls ex-coach disgrace’

Politico: Nervous GOP urges McCain to attack

ABC News: ABC News Exclusive: Kelsey Peterson Opens Up in Jailhouse Interview

CBS News: Palin Opens Up On Controversial Issues

Fox News: Man Beats Teen Girl Over Who Was First at McDonald’s

CNN: Apparent Steve Fossett belongings found

Wall Street Journal: Palin Is Underrated Foe in Debates

MSNBC: FirstPerson: Readers share economic concerns

Congressional Quarterly: Analysis: McCain’s Bailout Gamble Looks Like a Bad Roll

NPR: Exclusive Preview: Bob Dylan’s ‘Tell Tale Signs’

Roll Call: Senate to Move Next on Bailout

U.S. News & World Report: Welcome to McCain’s Bar & Grill