Today’s Most Popular Stories 12.28.09

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for December 28, 2009:

Washington Post: Al-Qaeda group says it was behind attempt to down jet

Washington Times: Obama union push stymies contractors

Washington Examiner: When an agenda is more important than the facts

USA Today: Obamas enjoy private, secure Hawaii vacation

CQ Politics: Bishop Challenger Up With First Ad

The Hill: Lieberman: Yemen will be ‘tomorrow’s war’ if pre-emptive action not taken

Politico: Senate Democrats to W.H.: Drop cap and trade

ABC News: Abdulmutallab: More Like Me in Yemen

CBS News: Another Delta Flight Scare in Detroit

Fox News: Man, 2 Girls Shot at San Francisco Restaurant

MSNBC News: Obama: U.S. to keep pressure on enemies

CNN: Al Qaeda link called credible as clues emerge in foiled terror attack

Wall Street Journal: After the Bailouts, Washington’s the Boss

NPR: Movies That Should Die With The Decade

Roll Call: Talks to Merge Health Care Bills Begin Behind the Scenes

National Journal: Net Neutrality Fight Turns To First Amendment

Bloomberg News: Australia Shares Rise on Oil; Japan Exporters Advance in U.S.

Gallup.Com: The Decade in Review: Four Key Trends

Talking Points Memo: Friend’s Minor Injury Sends Ambulance To Obamas’ Vacation Home

Politics Daily: Rep. Peter King: Why Was Known Terror Suspect Allowed to Fly?

Reuters: Air travel hassles worse after scare; shares dip