Today’s Most Popular Stories 12.16.09

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for December 16, 2009:

Washington Post: Public cooling to health-care reform as debate drags on, poll finds

Washington Times: Climate talks deadlocked as clashes erupt outside

Washington Examiner: Amid rumbling discontent, Democrats head for the exits

USA Today: Florida man dies after 20-hour response to 911 call

CQ Politics: Rand Paul Raises $100,000 in Less Than 12 Hours

The Hill: Union pulls back on supporting bill

Politico: Nancy Pelosi in ‘campaign mode’

ABC News: Christmas Deployment Starts Obama’s Afghanistan Surge

CBS News: Obama Wrote Personal Letter to Kim Jong Il

Fox News: N.C. Woman Lay Dead in Bed for 8 Months Despite Daily Visits

MSNBC News: Poll: Americans skeptical of Afghan surge

CNN: Roy Disney dies at 79 after cancer bout

Wall Street Journal: How Facebook Is Making Friending Obsolete

NPR: Newly Discovered Planet Could Be A Watery World

Roll Call: Coburn Launches Procedural Move to Slow Health Care Debate

National Journal: Mayhem In and Out Of Talks

Bloomberg News: Intel Accused by U.S. of Illegal Monopoly Practices

Gallup.Com: Americans Oppose Closing Gitmo, Moving Prisoners to U.S.

Talking Points Memo: Poll: Loss Of Public Option Causes Big Increase In Opposition To Health Care Bill

Politics Daily: Republican Joe Lieberman? Pollsters in Both Parties Say Bring It On

Reuters: NATO chief asks for Russian help in Afghanistan