Today’s Most Popular Stories 12.15.09

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for December 15, 2009:

Washington Post: In study, 1 in 7 U.S. teens say they’re recipients of ‘sexting’

Washington Times: Immigration bill backers try again despite jobless rate

Washington Examiner: Why Democrats push health care, even if it kills them

USA Today: Obama: ‘On the precipice’ of health care change, though ‘differences’ remain

CQ Politics: Running For Congress With Family In The White House

The Hill: Durbin: Democrats will have the votes to pass healthcare reform bill by next week

Politico: President Obama: ‘Cautiously optimistic’ on health care bill

ABC News: D.C. Council Votes to Allow Same-Sex Marriage, Mayor Fenty to Sign

CBS News: Oral Roberts Dead at 91

Fox News: Family Members Found Dead in Upscale California Neighborhood

MSNBC News: Is your bank in trouble? More report bad loans

CNN: Boeing Dreamliner takes flight

Wall Street Journal: Democrats Drop Plan to Expand Medicare

NPR: Text-Message Case Could Redefine Workplace Privacy

Roll Call: GOP Woos Health Bill Moderates

National Journal: Gore Wants Earth Day Deadline For Climate Bill

Bloomberg News: Bank of America Board Factions Said to Spur Kelly’s Withdrawal

Gallup.Com: Gallup Economic Weekly: Spending Lacks Luster

Talking Points Memo: Franken Challenges Thune: ‘We’re Not Entitled to Our Own Facts’

Politics Daily: Norwegians Must Be Asking: Why Obama for Peace Prize?

Reuters: Rajaratnam, Chiesi indicted in hedge fund probe