Today’s Most Popular Stories 12.09.09

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for December 9, 2009:

Washington Post: George Stephanopoulos to co-host ‘Good Morning America’

Washington Times: Justice Dept. subpoenaed in New Black Panthers case

Washington Examiner: Dems’ dreams of a blue West begin to turn red

USA Today: Bryant Gumbel treated for lung cancer

CQ Politics: Naifeh Says No to Tenn. 8 Race

The Hill: Reid doubles down on slavery analogy

Politico: Michael Steele gets heated over ‘you people’

ABC News: SC Panel Nixes Gov Impeachment, Considering Rebuke

CBS News: Congress Will Subpoena Dinner Crashers

Fox News: Exploding Chewing Gum Blows Off College Student’s Jaw

MSNBC News: Petraeus warns new surge progress will be slow

CNN: Sandra Bullock’s husband wins custody battle

Wall Street Journal: Senators Strike Health Deal

NPR: Dairy Groups Fight To Keep Chocolate Milk On Menu

Roll Call: Thune May Be Capitol’s 2012 Contender

National Journal: Stern Defends Emissions Target

Bloomberg News: Citadel’s Institutional Markets Head Said to Leave

Gallup.Com: Honesty and Ethics Poll Finds Congress’ Image Tarnished

Talking Points Memo: Supremes Could Weaken Key Anti-Corruption Law That Helped Convict Abramoff, Jefferson, Others

Politics Daily: The Word Obama Left Out of His Afghanistan Speech

Reuters: BofA finishes TARP repayment