Today’s Most Popular Stories 11.08.13


Trending topics and the headlines driving clicks around town. Here are the day’s most popular stories for Friday, November 8, 2013.

Washington Post: Did Christie try to knife an ally?

Washington Times: Mendacity: Lawmakers renege on pledge to give up shutdown paychecks

Washington Examiner: New policy on mental health

Washington City Paper: Vincent Orange Is Running for Mayor

USA Today: Man Tasered by cops while stepson dies in fire

The Hill: House GOP tweaks Obama, schedules vote on Keep Your Health Plan Act (Video)

Politico: Tea partier shifts tactics on Obamacare

Roll Call: For Business, Bigger Primary Challenges Follow Alabama Race

National Journal: Why Minorities Are More Optimistic About the Value of College

Daily Caller:  Intolerance of guns will not be tolerated: The ballad of Dick Metcalf

ABC 7: Report: Capitol Police recall from Navy Yard was justified

NBC 4: Georgetown Prep Employee Charged With Bringing Gun Onto School Property

CBS 9: Sofia Petrova stranded in Siberia after mom sent her there on plane for being rebellious