Today’s Most Popular Stories 10.30.09

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for October 30, 2009:

Washington Post: Dozens in Congress under ethics inquiry

Washington Times: Battles over cost, taxes, Medicare loom for House health plan

Washington Examiner: Newly disclosed emails link White House directly to NEA politicalization scandal

USA Today: H1N1 flu spreading changes in behavior

CQ Politics: How To Vote From Six Feet Under

The Hill: Poll: President Obama has had only a minimal impact on race relations

Politico: House health bill clocks in at 1,990 pages

ABC News: Lieberman Marching Further Right in 2010

CBS News: Palin Fires Back At Levi Johnston

Fox News: Texas Law Challenged After Man Allegedly Forces Daughters to Watch ‘Hardcore Porn’

MSNBC News: Deadliest week so far for children and swine flu

CNN: Navy ship accidentally fires on Polish port

Wall Street Journal: White House, Lawmakers Reach Deal on Legal Shield for Journalists

NPR: City Mobilizes In Response To Rape At School

Roll Call: Reid, on Floor, Excoriates GOP for Stalling Nominees

National Journal: Countdown To Copenhagen

Bloomberg News: Fed Summons CEOs of 28 Top U.S. Banks to Meet With Supervisors

Gallup.Com: Americans on Healthcare Reform: Five Key Realities

Talking Points Memo: Wait A Minute–The Public Option’s Premiums Would Be Higher On Average?

Politics Daily: The Hajj and H1N1: Pilgrimage During a Pandemic