Today’s Most Popular Stories 07.24.09

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for July 24, 2009:

Washington Post: Obama Backs Away From Criticism of Arresting Officer

Washington Times: Senate denies Obama health plan by August

Washington Examiner: Obama: “I could’ve calibrated those words differently.”

N.Y. Times: Turf War Over Financial Oversight Plays Out at Hearing

L.A. Times: How healthcare overhaul may affect you

USA Today: Here’s the quick read on the ‘cash for clunkers’ rules just published

CQ Politics: Hatch Comes Out Against Sotomayor

The Hill: Obama calls police officer in Cambridge case

Politico: President Obama walks back police criticism

ABC News: Sarah Palin Says Farewell to Alaska Governor’s Office

CBS News: House Leaders Struggle with Health Care

Fox News: Evangelist Tony Alamo Found Guilty of Taking Young Girls From State to State for Sex

MSNBC News: Man Struck at Van Ness-UDC Metro Station

CNN: Ousted Honduran president crosses border, returns to country

Wall Street Journal: Questions Arise Over Clinton’s Foreign-Policy Power

NPR: Minimum Wage Hike Doubles Portion Of Workers At The Bottom

Roll Call: Waxman Convenes Emergency Meeting to Save Health Bill

National Journal: For State Budgets, A Hole In The Bucket