Today’s Most Popular Stories 07.14.09

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for July 14, 2009:

Washington Post: Sotomayor Faces Questions on Day Two of Hearings

Washington Times: Obama says unemployment will get worse

Washington Examiner: House health plan imposes penalties; raises taxes

N.Y. Times: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

L.A. Times: Sotomayor hearings: Judge references Samuel Alito’s comments about his own background

USA Today: Seven people in custody in slaying of Fla. couple

CQ Politics: Democrats Prep for Republican Charges of ‘Rushing’ Health Overhaul

The Hill: Lockheed Martin cutting 600 jobs after chopper axed

Politico: Sonia Sotomayor: Comments meant to inspire

ABC News: Rep. John Dingell: Health Care Bill Will Impose New Tax on Wealthy; Dems Can’t Afford ‘Judgmental Errors’

CBS News: Inside Holland’s “Half Baked” Pot Policy

Fox News: Armstrong in 3rd After 10th Stage of Tour de France

MSNBC News: Madoff admitted to North Carolina prison

CNN: Debbie Rowe’s lawyer: No deal in Jackson case

Wall Street Journal: House Health Bill Slaps 5.4% Tax on Millionaires

NPR: Swat Valley Refugees Begin Journey Home

Roll Call: House Health Bill Looks to Insure 97 Percent of Americans

National Journal: Air Force Leaders Side With Obama On F-22