Today’s Most Popular Stories 06.18.09

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for June 18, 2009:

Washington Post: Two Shot in Columbia Heights: WJLA

Washington Times: Bush takes swipes at Obama policies

Washington Examiner: Senators begin amending health care bill

N.Y. Times: Justices Rule Inmates Don’t Have Right to DNA Tests

L.A. Times: Iran protests continue for fourth day

USA Today: Pilot dies midflight on way to Newark

CQ Politics: Honeymoon Over: It’s on Obama’s Watch Now

The Hill: Oberstar blasts White House, accelerates highway bill

Politico: President Obama fails to quell gay uproar

ABC News: Continental Pilot Dies In-Flight, Plane Lands Safely

CBS News: Kids See Hi-Tech Cheating As O.K.

Fox News: Critics Attack ABC News for Refusing to Air Opposing Ads During Obama’s Health Care Special

MSNBC News: Report: Health care costs to rise again in 2010

CNN: ‘Black box’ firm hopes to recover AF447 device

Wall Street Journal: Several Scenarios, Not All Bright, Could Result From Iran’s Tumult

NPR: The Gradest Generation: Do Boomers Pass Or Fail?

Roll Call: A Whole New Ballgame for Democrats