Today’s Most Popular Stories 06.16.09

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for June 16, 2009:

Washington Post: Council wants von Brunn Charged with Hate Crimes

Washington Times: Iran bars foreign media from reporting on streets

Washington Examiner: Obama ‘deeply troubled’ about Iran election results

N.Y. Times: Recount Offer Fails to Quell Political Tumult in Iran

L.A. Times: GM to sell Saab to Swedish carmaker Koenigsegg Group

USA Today: US, South Korean presidents: No nukes for North Korea

CQ Politics: Guardrail to Nowhere Should Go, Says Coburn

The Hill: U.S. Chamber rips Senate healthcare bill

Politico: Mayors angry with White House no-show

ABC News: President Obama Ups the Rhetoric — Slightly — About the Legitimacy of the Iranian Elections

CBS News: Obama: N. Korea Cannot Win Respect With Weapons

Fox News: ABC News Teams Up With Obama White House to Present President’s Health Care Plan

MSNBC News: Obama blocks list of visitors to White House

CNN: Foxworthy on Letterman: ‘It was a flawed joke’

Wall Street Journal: Iran to Recount Some Votes

NPR: Housing Construction Up 17.2 Percent In May

Roll Call: GOP Fails in Second Attempt to Investigate Pelosi’s CIA Charge