Today’s Most Popular Stories 06.11.09

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for June 11, 2009:

Washington Post: Holocaust Museum Shooter Could Face Death Penalty

Washington Times: Man, 88, charged with murder in museum shooting

Washington Examiner: Slain Holocaust museum guard Stephen T. Johns remembered as a hero

N.Y. Times: Senate Votes for F.D.A. Rules on Tobacco

L.A. Times: Swine flu pandemic declared by World Health Organization

USA Today: Senate passes the most sweeping tobacco-control bill

CQ Politics: Democrat Edges Into Post-Primary Lead for Virginia Governor

The Hill: Holocaust Museum shooter had lawmaker’s address

Politico: Senators fly high on taxpayers’ dime

ABC News: Palin Slams Letterman’s ‘Sexually Perverted’ Joke

CBS News: Von Brunn Charged In Holocaust Museum Slay

Fox News: Women’s Advocacy Group Leader Blasts Letterman’s Jokes About Palin, Calls for Apology

MSNBC News: Senate approves FDA tobacco regulation

CNN: Air France CEO: Don’t assume sensors caused crash

Wall Street Journal: Lewis, Fed Under Fire on Hill

NPR: Will Obama’s Financial Overhaul Bring Real Change?

Roll Call: Baucus Aides Warn K Street