Today’s Most Popular Stories 06.08.09

Washington Post: Supreme Court Turns Down ‘Don’t Ask’ Challenge

Washington Times: N. Korea sentences U.S. Reporters to 12 years of labor

Washington Examiner: Supreme Court delays Chrysler sale

N.Y. Times: In Iraq, Colbert Does His Shtick for the Troops

L.A. Times: North Korean labor camps a ghastly prospect for U.S. Journalists

USA Today: Apple’s big announcement: A new iPhone?

CQ Politics: New York Throwdown: Maloney Prepares to Challenge Gillibrand in Senate Primary

The Hill: White House: Stimulus spending not ‘bogged down’

Politico: Sarah Palin in, then out, back in -and now again out of fundraising dinner

ABC News: ‘Ocean of Debris’ Found at Crash Site

CBS News: U.S., N. Korea At Odds Over Reporters

Fox News: David Carradine’s Family Says They Are ‘Profoundly Distrubed’ by Death Photo

MSNBC News: Sotomayor fractures ankle en route to Senate

CNN: Man accused in pitcher’s death pleads not guilty

Wall Street Journal: Court Rules Against Massey Unit in Judicial-Bias Case

NPR: Can TLC Keep Ratings Great Post-‘Jon & Kate’?

Roll Call: Heard on the Hill: Let’s Talk About…Pizza?

*Thanks to Ashley Estill