Today’s Most Popular Stories 04.13.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for April 13, 2010:

Washington Post: Obama’s disregard for media reaches new heights at nuclear summit

Washington Times: Income falls 3.2% during Obama’s term

Washington Examiner: Will Obama create the Post Office of health care?

USA Today: Nation’s soaring deficit calls for painful choices

CQ Politics: Vacancy Reignites Campaign Finance Battle

The Hill: Lieberman: ‘Thank God’ political momentum now with Republicans

Politico: Democrats take aim at court conservatives

ABC News: Scud Missiles to Hezbollah Raising Mideast Tensions

CBS News: Summit Nations Pledge to Safeguard Nuke Material

Fox News: N.J. Governor Undeterred by Teachers Union Refusal to Fire Leader Who Prayed for His Death

MSNBC News: First moonwalker blasts Obama’s space plan

CNN: Toyota suspends sales of Lexus GX 460

Wall Street Journal: Medical Schools Can’t Keep Up

NPR: In France, Racy Sarkozy Rumors Grow Into Crisis

Roll Call: Members Fly Free Abroad

National Journal: Hispanic Caucus Pushes Obama To Keep A Promise

Bloomberg News: Obama Says Nuclear Summit Adds to World’s Security

Gallup.Com: Congress’ Job Approval Rating Improves, but Still Low

Talking Points Memo: Outcrazying The Crazy: How A Prankster Plans To Infiltrate And Destroy The Tea Party Movement

Politics Daily: Nuclear Bombs, Terrorists, Ronald Reagan: Security Goals and History

Reuters: Britain’s Labour narrows gap on Conservatives: poll

The New Republic: Washington Diarist: Showdown