Today’s Most Popular Stories 03.08.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for March 8, 2010:

Washington Post: Oscars 2010: Academy Award winners

Washington Times: Group wants same military benefits for gay spouses

Washington Examiner: Wisconsin AG charges ACORN workers with voter fraud

USA Today: Oscar show had its smart moments, just not enough

CQ Politics: Portman Has Small Lead In Competitive Ohio Senate Race

The Hill: Palin: I sneaked to Canada for healthcare

Politico: Eric Massa: Democrats ousted me over health care

ABC News: Toyota Slams Sudden Acceleration Research of Auto Expert as Unrealistic

CBS News: Vanished for 14 Years, Jessica Click-Hill Found Alive, Mother Jailed

Fox News: Gunman Targets Father, Son in Dallas Office Shooting

MSNBC News: Seniors pinched by rising costs for home care

CNN: Convicted serial killer won on ‘Dating Game’

Wall Street Journal: That Other Government Takeover

NPR: The Growing Power Of The Sugar Pill

Roll Call: Massa Hints He Could Rescind Resignation

National Journal: Pelosi Hits Rough Patch, Denies ‘Chaos’

Bloomberg News: Texas Instruments Profit to Be at High End of Outlook

Gallup.Com: Republicans’, Dems’ Abortion Views Grow More Polarized

Talking Points Memo: GOP Lawyer’s Latest Gambit: Anti-HCR Bill In Virginia

Politics Daily: Europe to Set Up Its Own Monetary Fund to Help Stabilize Economy

Reuters: Iran’s Ahmadinejad calls Sept 11 “big fabrication”

The New Republic: What, You Have a Better Idea for Cost Control?