Today’s Most Popular Stories 02.22.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for February 22, 2010:

Washington Post: Scientology Church hires reporters to investigate newspaper

Washington Times: Obama tops Bush at ducking reporters

Washington Examiner: Obama’s fellow Dems are cannon fodder in his plan

USA Today: The web helps search for former ‘Growing Pains’ star Andrew Koenig

CQ Politics: Williams Says He Has Nearly $2 Million For Pennsylvania Governor Run

The Hill: Obama healthcare plan nixes Ben Nelson’s ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ deal

Politico: President Obama releases health reform proposal

ABC News: EXCLUSIVE: Stack’s Daughter Retracts ‘Hero’ Statement

CBS News: “Undercover” 7-Eleven CEO Uncovers a Gem

Fox News: NYC Police Officers Acquitted in Sodomy Case

MSNBC News: U.S. launches criminal probe into Toyota safety

CNN: Senate takes up jobs bill

Wall Street Journal: America’s Surprise Olympic Romp

NPR: Why We Gain Weight As We Age

Roll Call: DCCC’s Vogel Translates Emanuel and Races

National Journal: Sides Wait To See Who Blinks On Jobs Bill

Bloomberg News: Euro Trades Near 9-Month Low Against Dollar on Greece Concern

Gallup.Com: Health Insurance Coverage Varies Widely by Age and Income

Talking Points Memo: Steve King To Conservatives: ‘Implode’ IRS Offices

Politics Daily: Iran Plans New Nuclear-Enrichment Facilities

Reuters: Unhappy with Israel, EU condemns Dubai killing

The New Republic: The Last, Best Shot