Today’s Most Popular Stories 01.14.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for January 14, 2010:

Washington Post: Simon Cho’s Olympic speedskating opportunity rewards his family’s investment

Washington Times: EDITORIAL: War with Iran nears

Washington Examiner: Scott Brown: ‘It’s me against the machine’

USA Today: Haiti airport struggles to handle flights

CQ Politics: Shadegg Retiring

The Hill: Dem: Senate has ‘gun to our head’ on health

Politico: GOP: We’ll take back the House

ABC News: ‘Doomsday Clock’ Moves Away From Midnight but Only by 1 Minute

CBS News: Looting on Rise amid Haiti’s Growing Desperation

Fox News: Police: 11-Year-Old Driver Cause of Fatal California Car Crash

MSNBC News: Haiti aid begins to arrive in quake zone

CNN: Trying to prevent ‘absolutely catastrophic’ situation in Haiti

Wall Street Journal: The President’s Bait-and-Switch Operation

NPR: Should ‘The Office’ Be Used In HR Training?

Roll Call: Heard on the Hill: A Mini Mistake

National Journal: Lawmakers Urge Action On Net Freedom Bill

Bloomberg News: Obama Says Bank Fee Aimed at Recovering Rescue Money

Gallup.Com: Upper-Income Spending Surged in December

Talking Points Memo: The Rehabilitation Of Joseph McCarthy? Texas Textbooks Process Grinds On

Politics Daily: Supreme Court Keeps Cameras Out of California’s Gay Marriage Trial

Reuters: NBC’s Leno drama might have a happy ending