Today’s Most Popular Stories 01.13.10

Each day, Ashley Estill surfs your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for January 13, 2010:

Washington Post: Thousands feared dead in Haiti quake; global rescue and relief efforts underway

Washington Times: U.N. headquarters in Haiti collapses

Washington Examiner: Noemie Emery: Obama’s education of little use to his presidency

USA Today: Stunned Haitians stacking victims by fallen homes

CQ Politics: New Hampshire Candidate Appears in Massachusetts Ads

The Hill: Obama trying to ‘force some decisions’ on healthcare measure

Politico: Steve Schmidt’s war against Sarah Palin

ABC News: HAITI EARTHQUAKE: Be Careful About Those ‘Impulse’ Donations

CBS News: Haiti Quake Was Disaster Waiting to Happen

Fox News: Homes Toppled, Bodies Piled in Streets After Devastating Haiti Quake

MSNBC News: ‘Horrific’ devastation from Haiti quake

CNN: More than 100,000 feared dead in Haiti quake, officials say

Wall Street Journal: Fierce Earthquake Rocks Haiti

NPR: Nation’s Oldest Black Fraternity Rocked By Hazing

Roll Call: Rangel: Health Care Talks Stalled, Facing ‘Serious Problem’

National Journal: Deportations To Haiti Halted After Earthquake

Bloomberg News: Fed Beige Book Says Economy Improved in 10 Districts

Gallup.Com: U.S. Fear of Terrorism Steady After Foiled Christmas Attack

Talking Points Memo: Ford In The NYT: I Don’t Shoot Children

Politics Daily: ‘Necessity Defense’ Allowed in Abortion Doctor Murder Trial

Reuters: Big Haiti quake topples buildings, casualties seen