Today’s Morning Greetings

How do you spell the White House Press Corps’ pregnant reporter?



That’s right: The National Spelling Bee begins today in Washington, D.C.

If you’re able to take your eyes away from the departing (and crying?) Katie Couric this morning, you may also be pleased to know that we finally found out the identify of the White House Press Corps reporter who was in the jury for the Malvo trial: Voice of America’s Scott Stearns. (And ouch: One reader writes in to say, “Regarding the White House press corps’ inability to figure out the identity of the W.H. correspondent in the Muhammed trial. There was a time when reporters figure out stuff like this by going out to the courthouse and looking at the people in the jury box. No wonder these cracker jack reporters hold up in the White House break so few real stories.”)

Or you could take the kill-two-birds-with-one-stone approach, as done by one tipster: “The pregnant White House correspondent on the Mohammed jury is Helen Thomas.”

And the majority of you who participated in yesterday’s Poll of the Day felt that Tim Russert should not be hawking his book on other networks.