Today’s media trickle

Is it just me or is it slow out there in the LA mediasphere? Here are some droplets:

The LAT runs a tribute to David Shaw in the Food section:

He ate with the rakish, wide-mouthed grin of Jack Nicholson – each bite a flash of theater. He loved to reach across and stab his fork into something on your plate. One night, leaning over a candle to pour the wine, he caught his shirt afire, a mishap that he laughingly shared with readers. A good many times, he took home a sample of the evening’s sauce on the sleeve of his jacket, a tendency that transformed him into an expert at stain removal.

He once wrote a Valentine love letter to his wife in the form of a column about the manly art of first aid for wine spills. He quoted Lucy as saying, “Traveling with David is like traveling with a combination of Cary Grant, Woody Allen and the Swiss army.”

– Franklin Avenue catches (and screen-captures) a glimpse of the Daily News site redesign, which looks a lot snazzier than the buggy status quo.

– Newscorp’s Fox Reality Channel makes overtures to ABC to buy the shelved realty show ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood‘, which reliable sources tell me is actually really funny. Variety quotes ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson, always one of the more surprisingly candid people in television, taking a principled but, I think, misguided stance:

“If I don’t think something should be aired, why would I sell it to somebody else?” he told reporters last week. “For financial gain or just to get it out there? That doesn’t make any (sense). If you don’t think something is responsible to be broadcast, why would you encourage it to be broadcast elsewhere?”

(link via Defamer)

LAist and got into a fight. I love everyone, but I admit that the “lobotomized grandma” line made me laugh.

Otherwise, all is safe in the SoCal mediasphere (unless you work at AMI…)