Today’s Media Movements Stuck in the RSS Reader

Here are a few stories MJD left to others today:
Time decides to put a sort-of, not really but is, quasi-paywall up for its magazine content. Online readers can now only read a portion of the magazine on the Web. After a paragraph or so, the reader gets a message that in order to read the whole story, they need to purchase the magazine or iPad app. But who wants to do that!?
– received a harsh letter in the mail today from MediaNews, which owns a number of Colorado newspapers. Actually, it was a cease-and-desist letter, calling for Colorado Pols to stop publishing material off the newspapers’ websites. Colorado Pols main objection is, you can’t steal what’s given away for free.
– NPR has brought on a new CFO, hiring Deborah Cowen. She’s a nine-year veteran of Radio One, where she served as a senior vp, and spent time at IBM before that.
– If you’re at CNN, watch who you show respect for on Twitter. CNN and Octavia Nasr have parted ways after the senior editor for Middle Eastern affairs published a tweet in honor of a Muslim cleric, who inspired the founders of the terrorist organization, Hezbollah. Nasr said she was “sad” and “respect[ed]” the cleric, which upset more than a few Israel supporters. When will journalists learn? You can’t show support to anti-Israel, anti-American clerics who help inspire terrorist organizations on Twitter. Jeez, you see it all the time.