Today’s Google Doodle Captured Everyone’s Attention

The Ode to Joy, played on today’s Google Doodle. Via

Maybe reporters just want to write about something besides Anthony Weiner. And people are always looking for things to do instead of work. But the Internet is alive with the sound of today’s Google Doodle.

In case you didn’t pay a visit, today’s Doodle was created in honor of Les Paul, the electric guitarist and inventor, who would’ve been 96 years old. By running your mouse across the keys, you can actually play the doodle and record a short ditty that you can send to others.

In a world of sledgehammer throwing monkeys and unbelievable press conference hijackings, it’s nice to know we can all appreciate a small bit of creativity when it pops up in our everyday lives.

Slate is calling it “the coolest Google Doodle yet.” The Huffington Post is offering lessons on how to play. And the hashtags #lespaul and #googledoogle were trending on Twitter this afternoon. Mashable has a collection of what they deem to be Google’s top doodles.

Even with all the big things Google does, it’s the little things that also get it the best and widest exposure.