Today’s Apple Tablet Rumor: They’ll Call it iGuide


All the good names really must be taken, but let’s not even get into that. Today’s Apple tablet rumor comes, once again, from MacRumors, which did some deep digging after the Weekend’s revelation that Apple has registered the name “iSlate” all over the world. Turns out Apple’s also registered another brilliant name: “iGuide.”

According to MacRumors, “iGuide Media, LLC. is another Delaware-based company whose sole purpose appears to be to obtain a trademark on behalf of Apple, Inc. In this case they have a single trademark application for the term ‘iGuide’ that is currently pending. The application was first filed in December 2007. Again, we found Apple’s Senior Trademark Specialist Regina Porter’s signatures on the trademark documents linking iGuide Media, LLC to Apple, Inc. Meanwhile, the lawyer handling the paperwork for the iGuide trademark is the same lawyer who filed for the iPhone trademark under Ocean Telecom Services, also on behalf of Apple. Like iSlate, it seems clear that Apple created iGuide Media, LLC to obtain the iGuide trademark.”

How sneaky of them. So now folks are wondering whether the iSlate is a dedicated eReader and the iGuide the tablet PC. Given Apple’s track history and poor faith in reading, this seems unlikely, but Apple’s full of surprises.