Today’s Accidental Moment of Truth

For the licensers and tie-in gurus charged with filling the world with tiny lego versions of Rupert Grint, this year it is all about old wine and new bottles, and they seem to have drunk enough of the stuff to freely admitt it.

As movie franchises rely almost solely on existing franchises – – Spiderman, Harry Potter, The Simpsons– – liscensers find themselves at their wits end trying to find ways to sell the sames toys over and over again. So what do they do?

In a stunning moment of confession that makes one wonder if the writer of this article, Variety’s lyrically named Addie Morfoot, is in possession of Wonder Woman’s lasso, one of Disney’s top marketing veeps admits that except for adding a few new characters, that this year, with Pirates at least, they pretty much just put the same old crap in new boxes:

“Story extension provides different opportunities,” said Vince Klaseus, senior VP of franchise management and marketing for Disney consumer products, of the third “Pirates” installment. “Since there are new characters and new locations, that opens the door for a whole host of new product segments. From a look standpoint, the packaging will be different.”

You hear– new packaging… You see the packaging… it’s, uh, different. The packaging.