Today on Martha Stewart: Bloggers!

perezmart.png“How did a tiny four-letter word start the Internet’s largest revolution?” That’s what Martha Stewart was apparently out to explore on today’s blogging special. We’re assuming our invite somehow got lost in the mail? but fortunately the ladies over at Cupcakes Take The Cake are part of the live audience and have been live-blogging the whole, delicious, thing. (Martha herself is a blogger, did you know?). Here’s guest blogger Perez Hilton’s advice to Martha re blogging, as recorded by the Cupcakers:

Perez Hilton sets his alarm for 3:57 am (wow!). “Martha Stewart’s super-human.”

He nonstop blogs for 12 hours.

3 blogging tips:

1. Start a niche

2. Be prepared to work hard and put in long hours – doesn’t leave his house from Sunday night to Thursday night.

3. Don’t be afraid to network. Ask for things.

Martha: “How much revenue do you make per year?”

Perez: “How much do you make per year?”

Martha: “You can read it in my financials.”

Perez: “Is that accurate?”

Rumor has it the Politico folks also made an appearance [it’s true!]; politics is the new black. Or perhaps in this age of lipsticked pigs, it’s safer to say politics is the new beige, or maybe in this context the new pesto is more appropriate.