Today is Thankful Thursday, Will You Participate? #ThTh

In an effort to spread goodwill on Twitter, the folks at have started their very own version of #FollowFriday: Thankful Thursday. Using the hashtag #ThTh, they’re asking the Twitter community to name one thing they’re thankful for every Thursday. Will you participate?

The’s blog posted this morning about the first ever Thankful Thursday, and it’s taken off in just a few hours.

It is really a sweet idea, with the goal being just to bring a little positive energy into Twitter each Thursday:

“Today we are asking you to share just one thing you are thankful for, and to check in every Thursday from this week forward to do it again and again. Thankful Thursday (#ThTh) can be just as big as Follow Friday #FF, or it will be simple and small. The number of people who join in is not what’s important, it’s the intention and energy behind the idea, and the power of each tweet to help change people’s day just a little bit towards a more positive outcome is what really matters.”

If you do a quick search for the #ThTh hashtag today, I bet you’ll see dozens of Thankful Thursday tweets. People are tweeting about their families (“Today I am thankful for the power of meditation and for my family”), their jobs (“I’m thankful for a job that challenges me each day and allows me to meet amazing people all across the globe”) and even their cleaning ladies (“I’m thankful for our awesome cleaning gal and that she comes 2x per week”).

Although there isn’t nearly as high volume of tweets around #ThTh as there is around its cousin, #FF (Follow Friday), it’s encouraging to see so many people jumping on this new trend of positivity.

I’ve tweeted my #ThTh for the day, how about you?