Today in Web Site Redesigns: Good

good091508.jpg isn’t the only site getting a makeover. Good, hot on the heels of announcing a pay-what-you-want subscription plan, switched its look and got an entirely new domain name, Good.Is. (Dot IS? WTF? That’s the address for Web sites in Iceland. Where Good registered its new site. So it could be “Good.IS.” Seriously.)

Details, Mr. Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO?

It will be a dynamic blog. We are recruiting blogger from across the net who will be increasing the pace of our posts and widening our voice. A lot of this has to do with what Good does best. … This is much more of a conversation that we are curating with our community, and it’s a conversation that starts with ‘What is Good?’

This is a collaboration. As a collaboration, we are facilitating or curating those activities with our audience. So will really accelerate that curation. We will be creating content because we have a point of view, but it will be member-driven so we doing a much better job of soliciting content.

It’s a little more formal [than the Huffington Post]. We’ll definitely have a multitude of voices. Whereas the Huffington Post is very political &#151 though they’ve launched some other channels — is a bit more kaleidoscopic. It’s about design. It’s about science. It’s about technology. It’s about art. In a way we take our cues from the categories you see in our magazine.

Number one, it’s blog-centric. Number two, it’s about curating conversation and engaging the audience in a hands on way. Number three, it’s much more video-centric.”