Today In Hating

(…since we already dealt with Daly/Bacon…)

Elspeth Reeve on Frank Foer, from the New York Observer:

    “Yeah, it’s a bummer, but it’s hard to shed any tears over Frank,” Elspeth Reeve was telling The Observer in a phone interview Friday, the day before her husband, U.S. Army Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp, joined her at her mother’s house in Missouri for his 30-day leave.

    Earlier that week, Ms. Reeve’s former boss, The New Republic’s editor, Franklin Foer, had published a 7000-word piece that concluded by formally retracting three first-person columns that the 24-year-old Mr. Beauchamp had written for the magazine over the summer. …

    It was Ms. Reeve, 25, who, while working at TNR as a reporter-researcher, had recommended Mr. Beauchamp–not yet her husband at the time–to the magazine’s editors. Nevertheless, Ms. Reeve said, she wasn’t going to let the fact that Mr. Foer had publicly denounced Mr. Beauchamp’s work spoil her mood on the eve of her reunion with her husband. …

    Ms. Reeve also argued that Mr. Foer’s retraction, titled “The Fog of War,” had failed to prove that any of Mr. Beauchamp’s stories contained fabrications–all it did, she said, was demonstrate that Mr. Foer was tired of dealing with the scandal.

Eric Boehlert on Howard Kurtz, from MediaMatters:

    So Kurtz badly missed a big media story, what’s the big deal, right? Truth is the episode mirrors a long pattern, which is why more and more prominent players on the left no longer consider Kurtz to be an honest broker — because he remains chronically oblivious to breaking stories that have a strong progressive media angle. Yet simultaneously, Kurtz shows a chronic over-eagerness to amplify any minor media story being advanced by conservatives. Earlier this year I wrote that The Washington Post had a “crush” on right-wing bloggers; that love — though perhaps unrequited — remains strong today.

And to think that it’s Christmas time…