Today in Groupon

SEC filings, pawn shops, groceries, and more

Right now, Groupon chairman Eric Lefkofsky could be regretting some boastful claims he recently made about his soon-to-go-public company. Due to Lefkofsky's remarks that his company will be “wildly popular,” the SEC may force Groupon to make new filings before its IPO. The SEC restricts what companies planning to list public shares can say about prospects before listing shares, which means that Groupon may need to disclose Lefkofsky’s comments, according to an analyst that spoke to the New York Post.

Lefkofsky has a lot on his plate apart from heading his “wildly popular” daily deals site—like running the investment group Lightbank with fellow Groupon founder Brad Keywell. The two are getting into the pawning game, having recently led a funding round that brought in $2.3 million for Pawngo, an Denver-based Internet pawn shop business. Users can send in information about items they want to pawn, receive an estimate within an hour, and ship the item over for a loan lasting around three to six months.

Meanwhile, Groupon is getting even busier, too, with a new push at expansion into the grocery business. The company is testing a new type of deal at the Springfield, Mass.-based Big Y grocery chain to give customers a discount on food purchases. Shoppers will be able to pre-pay for deals on various grocery items, and then use a store loyalty card to activate the deal at checkout. Groupon is planning to join with other supermarket chains and packaged-goods brands in the future.