Today’s Most Popular Stories 8.3.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for August 3, 2011:

Washington Post: Obama loses Jon Stewart

Washington Times: Biden collects rent from Secret Service

Washington Examiner: Biden collects rent from Secret Service

USA Today: N.J. Dunkin Donuts worker caught in ‘extra sugar’ sex sting

NPR: Chinese City Bans Dogs, Telling Owners To Turn Them In

The Hill: 50 Most Beautiful People for 2011

Politico: Eric Cantor: Obama ‘in over his head’

Roll Call: Boehner Threads a Needle

National Journal: With Debt Deal in Hand, When Does Geithner Quit?

The New Republic: The White House’s Three Biggest Blunders in the Debt Ceiling Fight

The Daily Caller: Chris Matthews on debt deal: ‘It was a thug attacking a victim. It was a mugging’