Today’s Most Popular Stories 8.22.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for August 22, 2011:

Washington Post: Texas students sent from classroom to courtroom

Washington Times: EDITORIAL: Obama: Whites need not apply

Washington Examiner: Team Obama deals the race card against Perry

Bloomberg: Obama Seeks to Close Distance With Voters

USA Today: Syria’s Assad: ‘I am not worried’ about security

NPR: First Watch: The Decemberists, ‘Calamity Song’

The Hill: Wall Street executives turn back on Obama, start donating to Romney

Politico: Obama pays Sunday visit to CEO

Roll Call: McCaul Leaps to Top of 50 Richest Members of Congress

National Journal: As Qaddafi’s Government Comes Apart, New Concerns for U.S.

The New Republic: In Which I Try To Restrain My Nasty Impulses, With Limited Success

The Daily Caller: Maxine Waters: ‘The tea party can go straight to hell’