Today’s Most Popular Stories 7.21.11

Every afternoon we surf your sites for the most popular stories of the day. Here are the top headlines for July 21, 2011:

Washington Post: TSA introduces software that uses less-revealing body scanner images

Washington Times: Liberals see opportunity for big cuts in defense

Washington Examiner: Without running, Palin stays near top of GOP field

Bloomberg: Koch, Exxon Mobil Among Corporations Helping Write State Laws Across U.S.

USA Today: Kim Kardashian sues Old Navy over lookalike in ads

NPR: James Taylor Is Not The ‘Whitest’ Guy You Know

The Hill: Republicans feuding over spending cuts in $1.5 trillion stopgap debt-ceiling plan

Politico: Barack Obama’s 2008 bundlers flee political ‘machine’

Roll Call: The Allen West Apology Mystery

The New Republic: Gang Of Six Has Last Gasp

The Daily Caller: Rep. Wasserman Schultz: Rep. West has ‘cracked under the pressure’